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P r o j e c t s

                                                     FULL LIST OF COMPLETED SCRIPTS




MOONFLOWER - In 1928 Mississippi, a white woman and black woman have an affair while battling the racial tensions of a small town.

VARA - Vara is an innocent and highly imaginative girl; a trapeze artist in the 1950’s Paris Circus. Surrounded by lies, she fights to uncover her truth and finds love along the way. Inspired by the surreal delectability of Amelie, this coming of age piece is a playground for character and heightened visuals. (Semifinalist for the Nicholl Fellowship 2012)

SHEL - Set in the rodeo world, a young intersexual boy struggles with his identity as a child, a teen, and as an adult after being raised as a girl.

LEMON-When Lemon’s agoraphobic mother dies suddenly, five-year-old Lemon goes outside for the first time in search of her father. Beasts of a Southern Wild meets Room. 



ALMOST NORMAL - Based on a true story, three very different sisters who are estranged from their odd, distant father go on a coastal road trip with him and learn he is not the asshole they had always thought he was, he just has Asperger's. Based on a true story. (Not available until 2025)

THE WONDER YARD - After the death of her husband, the once co-dependent, seventy-three year old Dinah, rediscovers herself by building a wonderland out of junk in her front yard. (Not available)

THE GREAT RIDE - Inspired by a true story, despite it being 1887 in Washington D.C. and it being illegal and forbidden for women to ride a bicycle, a young mother organizes the first public ride of women on bicycles down Pennsylvania Ave.


HURTS SO GOOD - An unlikely connection ensues when Sam (recently dumped by her fiancé) hacks into Ethan’s dead wife’s Facebook account and they start chatting. (Not available until Nov. 2024)

EX-CHANGE - Gen and John are exes. Gen has moved on and John hasn’t. As they fight over who should get their dog’s ashes, the urn explodes. The next morning, they realize they have swapped bodies. A gender swap story, which hilariously looks at the gender roles that society dictates.

ADOPTING GIL - A self-absorbed woman is over the dating scene and wants a child. When she puts in an application to adopt a child, she gets a 66-year-old man, Gil.

HONEYMOONING (Action Comedy) - After two sparring honeymooners in Hawaii (not married to each other) witness a mob hit, they must bond together in order to evade the mobsters…and ultimately fall in love.

Kid-Friendly/Family Feature:

TOTSY - A kid-friendly musical about Joannie Pitts, an awkward fifteen-year-old, who discovers a magical portal to a 1920’s surreal, deco-fantastic world where she’s a famous singer.

THE NEW NATHAN - When an angsty fifteen-year-old, Abby, moves from Portland to Dallas, she discovers notes left in her new house by the previous occupant, Nathan, fifteen and dying of cancer. Abby follows the notes and starts to be of service, as Nathan was, and ultimately heals herself.


SID - When 70-year-old Sid realizes a small girl is channeling his late wife, he struggles to keep the truth from coming out about how his wife actually died.


Half hour comedies:

THE SAC - A half-hour comedy about a cul-de-sac in Burlingame, CA.

NO KIDDING- After getting dumped by her cheating husband, a thirty-something divorcee is forced to start over in her dating life, while her married friends continue to have children.

COMPULSIVE  - Emily watches her career and love life start to unravel due to her relapse as a compulsive gambler. Based on a true story.

EXACT CHANGE - Two estranged sisters inherit a vending business and must get over the differences to make it successful.

Hour Drama:


MOTHER TRUCKERS - Fran, a widowed truck driver in her sixties, starts her own trucking company with all women drivers.

THE GREY ROOM - When Cole has a horrific accident, her brain heals in a way that gives her access to the 90% of our brain that we don’t “use”. We are playing with the concept that this 90% is where our past life information is stored. Cole finds herself shifting into her past lifetimes and soon realizes that she is not alone- others are doing the same thing, but for greed and destruction. This is ultimately a show about healing. Sometimes you must go back to move forward.

WELCOME TO KILKENNY - In the super small town of Kilkenny where there is one police man, one fireman, one mayor and one mortician…what happens when they all die at once due to a freak snowmobile accident? Their wives take over.

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