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My Book!!

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Coming Soon!

“I’ll Show You Mine…” is a series of twenty-eight autobiographical essays that dive into the fucked-up-ness of Beth Curry’s life which led her to become a compulsive gambler. The tone of this book is what would happen if David Sedaris and Chelsea Handler had sex. Nobody would want to see that…but that’s the tone.

With raw honesty, hilarity, and heart, “I’ll Show You Mine…” navigates its way through Beth’s chaotic childhood, her awkwardness as a redheaded kid who looked like Eric Stoltz in Mask,  her struggle to accept her fire crotch, and her unquenching desire to feel special. She uses two characters throughout her book…her Dick and her Blob. Her Dick is a personified version of her addiction, a-dick-tion, as she calls it. We watch as she eventually kicks her Dick to the curb and becomes gambling-free.

Her Blob is a personification of her pain over the years (the memories, narratives, beliefs) that has held her back from truly living her life. Her Blob, named Annie, looks like a Lady Slimer from Ghostbusters who has had a botched lip job. She smokes out of the hole in her throat and constantly lives in fear of what she can’t control.

“I’ll Show you Mine…” is a daring confessional, leaving nothing off the table. At just over 57,000 words, we watch Beth free herself from her Dick and her Blob…and finally accept her fire crotch as her superpower.

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